Safety Management Software

Make everyone accountable for safety and preventative actions. Go from being reactive to being proactive and provide continuous improvement by having visibility across tasks and expert data-driven insights.

Boost safety performance across the organisation with our Safety Management Software

With the ability to control every element of workplace safety from anywhere at any time, our cloud software solution is created for simple usage with your tablet or smartphone. Make sure your staff members are safe at work and return to their homes each day. With the help of KeepShift’s Safety Management Software, you can manage and report your safety data, examine trends and derive insights, adhere to regulatory standards, and handle administrative work more efficiently.

  • Driving down incident rates
  • Increasing insight into Health and Safety program success
  • Mobile solutions that enable Health and Safety management anytime and anyplace
  • Promoting a culture of safety throughout your firm
  • As the best safety software, it Promotes a safety culture across your organization

Safety Management Software System Makes Health & Safety Management Easy

One-Stop Solution

Are you sick of reporting issues and procedural flaws? If so, we can assist you to avoid the hassle, expense, and time associated with using various systems and data sources. KeepShift is a fully integrated Health and Safety solution that improves workflow throughout your business and generates precise results with a single click.

Boost Time Efficiency

The day is not long enough? Tired of manual tasks taking up all your time? KeepShift eliminates low-value administrative tasks so you can concentrate on strategic initiatives, preventative measures, and fieldwork.

Prioritise business expansion

Does your expansion make your inefficiencies worse? Avoid letting process gaps widen as your firm expands. With KeepShift’s Health and Safety software solutions, you can wave goodbye to administrative headaches and instead concentrate on generating money. These solutions expand with your changing business.

Fearless Compliance

Do you worry about adherence? Can’t keep up with the most recent changes to the law? With the aid of KeepShift, you may meet the highest industry standards, maintain compliance, and stay current with developments.

An intelligent health and safety management system everyone can use!

Avert, foresee, and cut down on worker claims and injuries. Our safety management system software assists businesses all over the world in creating safer and more satisfying working environments. Our team has developed the most user-friendly cloud-based Health and Safety management system in the world, which transforms safety culture and fosters leadership among employees. We help every employer lower the risk of worker harm and claims via innovative, affordable products. KeepShift can assist in making sure that any safety standard or rule is followed.

Make the workplace safer

Have every employee on the lookout. Promote employee engagement by removing productivity-robbing obstacles with software that is simple to use and quick to pick up. Our health and safety software alters safety culture and functions on any platform.

Turn Data into Intelligence

Utilise analytics in real time. Analyze each risk, accident, and incident quickly in order to predict and stop it from happening again. You will know exactly where you are on compliance by combining potent insight tools and the immediate flow of data.

Easy to use

With attractive and user-friendly software, productivity hurdles may be reduced. KeepShift is simple to use, jargon-free and walks workers through their daily tasks and forthcoming activities.

Respond to any safety requirements

In one flexible platform, all requirements and problems may be solved. Connect all of your applications, users, and business processes to create a highly effective solution.

Improve and Automate Your Safety

Utilise the resources at your disposal easily. Utilise a system that automates manual, repetitive, or operational tasks that need regular closeouts or follow-ups. Spend most of your time on important preventative actions.

Complete Management Package

Manage your safety compliance together with injury, claims, and employee updates in one location. Streamline procedures such as return-to-work plans, maintain medical certifications, access a library of aids and supports, and more.

Complete Management

By adding automation rules, you can manage multi-step risk and hazard procedures and increase your team’s production. Until risks are removed, reminders are provided. Never take the chance of a hazard becoming an incident.

Streamline and keep control

The safety software from KeepShift aids in your management of training needs. Determine the training requirements for your staff, arrange the training, remind them as needed, and then keep all of their training records close at hand.