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What can running Manual
systems cost you?


✅ Human Errors: Manual rostering can lead to mistakes like double-booking, miscalculating hours, and compliance issues

✅ Time Constraints: Creating schedules manually is a labor-intensive process, especially for larger teams

✅ Employee Time Theft: Manual timekeeping may make it easier for employees to engage in time theft, and could be costing the business thousands of dollars.


✅ Inflexibility: It’s challenging to adapt schedules to changing needs, employee requests, and unexpected absences.

✅ Regulatory Compliance Risk: Manual rostering increases the risk of non-compliance with labor laws and regulations, potentially resulting in legal consequences and financial penalties for the business.

✅ Time Clock Management: Manual timekeeping systems can be susceptible to inaccuracies and manipulation, increasing the risk of employee time theft

A Time Clock solution that's
Easy to use!

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Ditch the manual scheduling grind, create a Schedule in minutes not hours.

✅ Reduce Errors

Say goodbye to double-bookings, hour miscalculations, and compliance worries.

✅ Stay Agile

Ensure labor law compliance and protect your business from penalties.

✅ Avoid Legal Hassles

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✅ Enhance Communication

Seamlessly coordinate and keep employees informed of schedule changes using KeepShift's automated notifications.

✅ Accurate Payroll

Prevent payroll discrepancies with automated rostering and timesheets integration

✅ Secure Time Tracking

Eliminate time theft risks with precise timekeeping.

✅ Eliminate Time Theft

Put an end to unauthorized timekeeping practices. Time theft could be costing your business thousands of dollars per week

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Email and Push Notifications
24/7 support
Mobile app enabled
Company Details
Multi Locations
Access Permission Roles
Notification settings
Employee Details
Onboarding / Off-boarding
Award Interpretation
Roles and Teams
Rostering & Scheduling
Shift Costings based on Pay Templates
Multi Location Scheduling
Timesheets – Clock on / Clock off
Photo Registration and GPS location logging
Shift Hub
Xero Integration
Payroll Systems Timesheet Integration
Reports and Compliance Audits
Expense Claims
Training and Skills Matrix with Expiry Notification
End to End HR
Electronic document signing of policies & contracts
Task Board
Job Management
Job Sheets / Toolbox Talks
Task Board
Safety Registry
Incident Reports
Risk Assessments
Safe Work Method Statements
End to End Safety Management
Smart Register Builder
Staff Diary / Calendar
Client/Contact Interactions

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