Is your business bleeding money due to employee time theft?

It's a silent killer that can severely impact your bottom line. Employee time theft comes in various forms, including:

1. Time Clock Theft: Employees manipulate their time worked, adjusting start and end times

2.Buddy Punching: Co-workers clocking in and out for each other typically to cover for their absence or to help them manipulate their attendance records

3. On the Move Time Theft: Employees working at different locations arrive late, leave early, or don't show up

4. Excessive Breaks: Staff taking extended breaks beyond what's allowed

What could these practices cost your business?
Let's break it down:

The actual financial impact can vary widely


Assuming a medium-sized organisation with 100 employees, and without a time and attendance system in place, here’s a rough estimate:

  • Time Theft Cost: Assuming each employee engages in 15 minutes of time theft daily (e.g., extended breaks, personal phone use, late arrivals), with 100 employees, you’re losing approximately 25 hours of productivity daily.
    • Hourly Wage: $20 per hour
    • Daily Time Theft Cost: $500
    • Weekly Time Theft: $2500
    • Yearly Cost: $130,000
  • Inaccurate Payroll Cost: Manual time tracking can lead to payroll errors of around 1-2% of total payroll expenses.
    Annual Payroll Error Cost: $30,000
  • Reduced Productivity Cost: A conservative estimate suggests a 5% reduction in productivity due to poor time tracking, costing your business:
    • Annual Productivity Loss: $250,000

KeepShifts Solution

✅ Mobile Clock-On and Off Solution: Synced to individual timesheets with job and GPS ID for remote employees

✅ Central Timeclock Hub: Fixed premises clock-on and off with biometric capabilities for on-site staff on a central tablet or computer.

✅ Accurate Timekeeping: Say goodbye to unreliable paper timesheets. Our Electronic Clock-In Hub ensures every second is accounted for with precision

✅ Avoid Legal Hassles: Ensure labor law compliance and protect your business from penalties.

✅ Enhance Communication: Seamlessly coordinate and keep employees informed of schedule changes using KeepShift’s automated notifications.

✅ Accurate Payroll: Prevent payroll discrepancies with automated rostering and timesheets integration

✅ Secure Time Tracking: Eliminate time theft risks with precise timekeeping.

✅ No More Employee Time Theft: Put an end to unauthorized timekeeping practices and ensure fair compensation for every moment worked.

Why Choose KeepShift for your workplace?

Effortless Scheduling

Say goodbye to the headache of manual scheduling. KeepShift does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what truly matters. Create rosters and schedules in minutes NOT hours.

Accurate Timekeeping

Bid farewell to unreliable paper timesheets. Our Electronic Shift Clock-In Hub ensures every second is accounted for with precision and provides an easy clock-on and off solution

Seamless Xero Integration

Sync effortlessly with Xero for seamless payroll processing or EASILY export to your preferred payroll software. No more data entry headaches!

Boosted Productivity

Watch your team's efficiency soar as you empower them with a solution designed to optimize their workflow.

No More Employee Time Theft

Put an end to unauthorized timekeeping practices .Time Theft could be costing your business thousands of dollars per week

100% paperless. Cloud based

100% digital, electronic signatures, Access from any device, anywhere

What can running Manual systems cost you?

✅ Human Errors: Manual rostering can lead to mistakes like double-booking, miscalculating hours, and compliance issues

✅ Time Constraints: Creating schedules manually is a labor-intensive process, especially for larger teams

✅ Employee Time Theft: Manual timekeeping may make it easier for employees to engage in time theft, and could be costing the business thousands of dollars.

✅ Inflexibility: It’s challenging to adapt schedules to changing needs, employee requests, and unexpected absences.

✅ Regulatory Compliance Risk: Manual rostering increases the risk of non-compliance with labor laws and regulations, potentially resulting in legal consequences and financial penalties for the business.

✅ Time Clock Management: Manual timekeeping systems can be susceptible to inaccuracies and manipulation, increasing the risk of employee time theft

A Time Clock solution thats Easy to use!

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KeepShift not only saves you time and money, but also ensures a better more compliant way to do business and manage your workforce.

Need to know more?
KeepShift not only saves you time and money, but also ensures a better more compliant way to do business and manage your workforce.