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Run your team like a pro and say goodbye to mountains of paperwork

Welcome to KeepShift

We're revolutionizing the way small to medium businesses operate in today's fast-paced digital world.

My name is Rob and as a co-founder of KeepShift, I'd like to share the driving forces behind the inception of our innovative SaaS software, KeepShift.

Lack of time? Are you working longer and harder than you want to?

The benefit of using KeepShift, is it's a timesaving workplace system that helps manage all your business needs with one easy to use platform. KeepShift is the complete solution that covers Safety, People, HR, Jobs and Clients.

What are my legal WHS requirements?

Did you know that in countries such as Australia, the UK and the USA it is a requirement by law that every business and employer must do everything reasonably practicable to provide a safe and healthy workplace. As a business owner or manager, it's important to protect yourself and to be able to legally demonstrate a paper trail of evidence on how you control work place hazards and risks. KeepShift makes this process easy by electronically capturing and storing all your employees, team's and job's WHS evidence documentation.

100% Paperless, in the cloud

KeepShift has made onboarding and document control easy to maintain. Employees, clients, contractors and jobs are easily managed through KeepShift's one solution platform.
✔ Complete Employee HR, including Documents, Contract & Policy control
✔ Rostering, Task management and Training
✔ Workplace Health and Safety including customisable Risk Assessments, SWMS, Pre Starts, JSA's, SOP's and Registers
✔ Client and Job Site Management are all part of the unique KeepShift solution.
Everything smoothly delivered and stored via Mobile, Tablet or PC.

Great technology that doesn't have to break the bank!

One of the key benefits of using KeepShift is it's the unique ability to handle all your major business needs in one awesome platform. Rather than having to spend a fortune on 5 or more different systems, KeepShift is an 'all in one' solution that saves you money and time!
✔ Full HR
✔ Rostering, Timesheets, Award Interpretation
✔ Task Management
✔ Training matrix
✔ Full Safety System
✔ Job Management
✔ Client Management with an Inbuilt CRM
✔ Auditing and Reporting
✔ Document Control system

Manage your team like a pro and control your costs

Manage workplace teams, create and assign tasks to individuals and teams using KeepShift's unique whiteboard management tool. Easily create and distribute rosters to track activity and manage costs vs actuals based on employee's timesheets. KeepShift's diary functionality allows you to link your events to a contact or client with our simple to use inbuilt CRM