KeepShift Integration

KeepShift can integrate with your Payroll and Job Costing systems

to save you time and double handling of your critical data.


Employee Timesheets

Seamlessly sync your KeepShift timesheets directly into Xero Payroll. Push collected timesheets via the Timesheet Hub or Smartphone App into Xero in a matter of seconds. KeepShift also calculates overtime hours when set up using the Award interpretation pay rates with every shift.

Job and Task Timesheet

Integrate your selected job and Task times across to Xero's Project Costing Time Entries

Employee Profile

Your employees can use KeepShift to maintain their profile details, name, address, bank details (optional) that will update their Employee. Details are automatically synced between KeepShift Xero, so you will only need to update them in one place.

Employee Leave Accruals

Employees can access their leave accrual balances in their KeepShift profile that are seamlessly integrated from your Xero Payroll.

Data Export

Export any data from any screen

You can use the 'Export' function from any screen to export the data to CSV or PDF format that you can then use to integrate with any reporting system


Export your report data to CSV or PDF with the additional tools to filter and sort the data as you need it.

CSV Export

Using the powers of excel, you can modify and massage your exported CSV data to suit any system requirements you wish to integrate with.

Smart Registers

Build your own data register using KeepShift's unique, easy to use Smart Registers functionality. Export this data to CSV or PDF to enable you to feed into other system, or share with other members of your team or partners. The possibilities are limitless.


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