KeepShift Documentation Package

Customized Safety and HR document package 

to suit your business type and industry.


Automatically loaded into your KeepShift system for you to use from day one! 


All Safety and HR Documents have been written by industry experts.

Ready to use documentation added to your KeepShift solution

Exceptional value !

The Complete Document Bundle
for a once-off price.

HR Documentation

Your HR document package includes the essential templates built in to your KeepShift application to enable you to start your work day on the right foot with all the required sign offs. Contracts and Policies have been written by legal professionals.

    Contractor Agreement
    Employment Agreement
    Alcohol And Drugs Policy
    Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
    Warning Letter
    Offer Of Employment
    Covid Safe Plan
    Risk Management Policy
    Induction Checklist

    A complete package of specialised Policy and Procedure documents and templates.

    All you need to manage your workplace HR requirements using KeepShift's unique Docubox functionality
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Health and Safety

A comprehensive set of Safety documents written by safety professionals, including a Health Safety Management Plan, forms, policies and procedures all built to help your business meet its legal safety requirements.

    Workplace Health And Safety Management Plan
    Mental Health And Wellbeing Policy
    Work Health And Safety Policy Statement
    Return To Work
    Manual Handling
    Fitness For Work
    Personal Protective Equipment Procedure
    Risk Management Policy And Procedure
    Evacuation Drill Form
    and many more

    All WHS documents are ready loaded into your system, pre-formatted with merge fields and customisable for your business. The KeepShift Docubox lets you easily modify, copy and assign documents to your workforce.
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Safe Work Method Statements

Pre-defined safety document templates and SWMS package loaded into your KeepShift safety registry built to required Australian standards. All you need for safe and compliant workplace activity.

    Confined Space Entry
    Working at Heights
    Circular Saw Portable
    Excavation 1.5 Metres or greater
    Drop Saw
    Angle Grinder
    Crane mobile
    Hot Works
    Electrical Isolation
    Installation of Temporary Buildings
    Construction Site Traffic Control
    Nail Gun Use

    PLUS over 20 other Electrical, Plumbing and Construction type SWMS for you to use or customise to suit your Jobs
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Workplace Registers

Load up your database with pre-formatted templates to store your registers. Manage all your corporate and day to day lists in one place. Maintain and create your specific set of registers simply and easily

    Chart of Accounts
    Asset Register
    Insurances Register
    Hazardous Chemical Register
    PPE Register
    Electrical Equipment Register
    First Aid Check List
    Fire Extinguisher Register
    Complaints and Grievances Register
    Compliance Register
    Conflict of Interest Register

    KeepShift's simple to use registry capability allows you to build your own specific set of Registers. Helping you keep track of all you business and workplace bits and pieces
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Ready to Take Control of all your documentation needs and manage your compliance?

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Ready to Take Control of all your documentation needs and manage your compliance?