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Accessing the Docubox

Docubox is simple and easy to use
  • To use Docubox navigate to the sidebar on your menu
  • Once here you will see all the Documents you have created in your electronic filing cabinet
  • On this screen you will see a number of things
  1. Create a New Document
  2. Document Type ( This is what you have classified the document to be and this can be fully customised example: (Contract, Policy,Other etc)
  3. Document control Number
  4. Name of Document
  5. Roles the document has been assigned to
  6. Whether it appears in the onboarding process for new starts
  7. Whether an electronic signature is required
  8. Filter the documents by name,Type, Role or status
What the symbols mean
  • View Document Assign a Document to an Employee View who has electronically viewed and signed the Document View a Description of the Document Copy a Document Disable a Document
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