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Assigning a Document

Once you have created and saved your Document you will then be able to assign the document to roles,groups or specific employees.
  • If you have selected the show on Onboarding when creating the document it will appear for any new starts as part of there onboarding process.
  • To assign your Documents navigate to the main Docubox page
  • Once there navigate to your Actions symbols on the right
  • Press to Assign the document
  • Once you have pressed the assign button the next screen will appear
  • On this Screen you can assign the document according to:
  1. Role
  2. Individual Employee
  3. All Employees
  4. Or Teams
  • Once assigned it will appear either as an onboarding document for new starts to view if you have selected show at onboarding OR
  • If it is a new document sent to existing employees, they will receive an automatically generated notification via email that they have a document.
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