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Creating and Assigning a SWMS

  • Go to the Safety Registry in your menu
  • ClickSafe Work Method Statements


  • Click New SWMS
  • Fill in all Mandatory Fields using the Keepshift template or upload your own PDF
  • To keep adding tasks, hazards and controls press the plus button
  • You can upload a PDF and have that electronically acknowledge by team members or staff. You can also attach any photos in PDF or Jpeg to the SWMS template for viewing.
  • Select any Teams or individual Employees you wish to push out the SWMS to. You can
  1. Select All
  2. Search for a particular employee
  3. Or select a team or employee by name
  • If you require Employees to electronically sign the SWMS slide the button across and it will be sent to the nominated employees and teams.
  • Once all mandatory fields are filled in press create SWMS
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