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Getting Started with Xero Integration

If you are using Xero for your business in Australia, New Zealand, or the US you can connect KeepShift to your Xero Organization(s).

By connecting Xero and KeepShift:

  1. You can sync your peoples details from KeepShift to Xero (one way)
  2. You can sync your KeepShift timesheet data to Xero payroll timesheets (one way)
  3. You can sync your employee leave balances from Xero to KeepShift (one way)
  4. You can sync your employee’s Job and Task timesheets from KeepShift to Xero project timesheets

Before connecting Xero

In KeepShift you must have System Administrator or Full Company permission in order to access the Integrations functionality. You must also understand the functionality of your Xero and organization and must have Payroll Administrator permissions. Your Xero system and employee payroll settings must be configured as documented in this knowledge base.

KeepShift is not responsible for processing of data in Xero once it has been synced from KeepShift. Users are advised to check Payroll data prior to processing of any payroll.

Data flow

Before connecting KeepShift to Xero you should consider

  • Which Xero integration functionalities do I need to implement?
  • People and Timesheet data will only flow from KeepShift to Xero and must be done manually when required. This flexibility enables to you to only sync timesheets if and when required.
  • You are able to sync specific KeepShift location data to Xero. If you have separate Xero organizations will need to connect each organization at time of sync. You are only allowed to connect one KeepShift company to Xero organization at any one time.
  • Data flow of Employee Leave balances, when active, will sync ‘realtime’
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