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Maintaining Pay Templates

To Create a Pay Template
  1. Navigate to the Menu on your sidebar
  2. Click My People
  3. Click pay Rates
  4. Click Add pay Template
  • Once you have clicked add a pay Template
  1. Complete all the information required such as
  2. Template name (Example Apprentice Bricklayer 1st year)
  3. Assign a Role Name that the template is relevant to. For example Bricklayer
  4. Complete relevant information such as award rate or custom hourly figure
  5. Hours the rate is applicable from
  6. Days the rate is applicable from
  • To add overtime rates and hours, click add pay rule
  • Change the rate, hours and days the rate is applicable from.
  • Remember to save changes to keep the pay template
  • All your saved templates will appear on your main Pay Rates page and can be edited or deleted
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