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Maintaining the Smart Register

Creating a New Smart Register

From your menu navigate down to Smart Registers

Input Data into each field.
The name and Type will appear as a register spreadsheet like this picture.
  • You may enter as many columns as you wish
  • To add a new column or Data just press the plus button

The name and Data Type can be varied  with the drop down arrow. The types of Data that are available for input are

  • Multi Select

Set up a selection list that allows the user to select multiple option entries when adding an entry to the register

  • Risk Score Text & Required Controls Text

Use these 2 options to display the which will display ‘Risk Score’ and ‘Required Control’ pop ups on the registry entry screens

  • Job Selection

The Job selection will prompt the user to select an active Job on the Register entry. Selecting a ‘Job’ will then place that Register into the Job’s Safety Registry in the Job Box

  • Expiry Date

Use this field type if you need the system to notify you when a date is about to expire (within 7 days). The administrator can also control the notification frequency from the ‘Notifications’ options

Once Created your Register will appear on your Registers Dashboard ready to input specific Data

Input data into your Register

To Input Data for a Register click the view button on a register

An empty Register field will appear
To Input Data into the register you have created click new Entry on the top left
·         The next screen will appear with the data fields you have created
·         Complete the necessary fields. You may also attach a file or photo here.
·         Once completed click create entry
·         The updated fields will appear as a register
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