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Maintaining the Training and Skills Matrix

You can create a new training skill or certificate that can appear on your training and skills matrix for automatic monitoring. You will also be able to push these requirements out to employees to upload the necessary documents for approval.
  • Go to your Menu and click Training and Skills
  • Then Click Skill Builder
  • To Build a new training skill or certificate to appear on your training matrix click the New Training and Skill Certificate
  • Fill out all the information required such as
  1. Training or Certificate name
  2. Description, Type etc
  • You can then select one employee or all

Selected Employee will be notified when onboarding or they will be notified when you have updated their skill requirements

  • You can also capture the below information and turn these features on or off depending on your business requirements
  1. Certificate number
  2. If its a requirement for the employee to upload the certificate or training for approval
  3. If approval is required
  4. Whether the skill and expiry dates appear on the skills matrix table
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