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Navigating your Risk Assessment lists

In Keepshift, you have the ability to create, format and manage all your Risk Assessments from a central form.

Navigate to your Risk Assessments form

Select the SAFETY REGISTRY option from your Keepshift menu

Select the Risk Assessment option

This will display a list of all Risk Assessments that exist in your system where you can select any of the following Navigation or filter options

  1. Click on the NEW Risk Assessment option in order to create a new Risk Assessment
  2. Click on the EXPORT option in order to produce a list of the current Risk Assessment view on th1 form. You can either choose to export to PDF or CSV
  3. Click on the FILTER BY NAME option if you wish to search for a particular Risk Assessment
  4. Click on the FILTER BY STATUS option in order to select by the status of the Risk Assessment. Options available are
  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Archived
  • Rejected
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