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Smart Register Functionality

The main purpose of using Smart registers is to serve as the database for specific risks or additional information such as equipment and assets.

These Smart Registers could be used to create your own customized set of ‘risk type’ data safety risks, commercial risks, financial risks, environmental risks, or a Hazard card. Take 5 card and more – and you may have specific registers for each type of risk – or consolidate more than one functional risk into a general project management risk register. Yo can also easily add any of your registers to your Safety Register menu options for quick access and usability

Create any number of user definable Smart registers such as an Asset Register, Equipment Register, Chemical Register and much more.
You define the data you want to hold in each register, as well as being able to attach documents and images with each entry in the register.

The register function enables you to eliminate many excel based registers being maintained by the business.

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