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Session Timeout Security

A 15 minute “session timeout” has been implemented and designed to protect privacy and security. The session timeout is intended to automatically log out users after 15 minutes of activity. When a session timeout is about to occur, a message will appear that allows people to extend the session. Users have 1 minute to extend their login before it automatically logs out.

At KeepShift we take the security of your data and privacy very seriously. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a secure environment for your sensitive information, the automated Session Timeout is implemented to protect your account from unauthorized access when you are not actively using our platform.

Key Details of the Session Timeout Feature:

  1. Increased Account Security: The “session timeout” feature ensures that your account is automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your account, even if you accidentally leave it unattended.
  2. Seamless User Experience: We understand that interruptions during work can be frustrating. Rest assured, the auto-logout feature is designed to minimize inconvenience. If you are logged out due to inactivity, you will be prompted to log back in with a seamless and streamlined process, ensuring you can quickly resume your tasks.
  3. Protection against Unauthorized Access: By automatically logging you out after a period of inactivity, our aim is to protect your account from potential security breaches. This feature acts as an additional layer of defence, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your account and any sensitive data it may contain.
  4. Ongoing Commitment to Security: At KeepShift, we continuously invest in enhancing the security of our SaaS solution. The introduction of the inactivity auto-logout feature is just one of many measures we take to ensure your data remains safe and your user experience is as secure as possible.
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