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Sign up to KeepShift

KeepShift’s sign up process is quite simple. 

Once you have determined which plan best suits your business requirement, the sign up process can be complete in a few easy steps. Whether you are taking up the basic KeepShift subscription or an enterprise package, the steps are the same.

Remember, you can contact us at anytime during the process and we will be more than happy to assist.

Sign up Steps

To commence the Sign up process, and creation of your KeepShift company account,

Click on the SIGN UP option on the website

Personal Info

You will be presented with the ‘Sign up with us’ page as shown

As the company director/owner/administrator, please enter your Personal Details as this will be your ‘profile’ in the KeepShift system.

Note: the user that is set up in this process will not need to be ‘Onboarded’ in order to access the system

Click NEXT once you have completed your personal details

Company Details

You will be presented with the Company Details Page

Enter your company details, including ABN (Australia) company email and LOGO.

Click NEXT, once complete

Signing up to the Payment Gateway

Completing your Sign Up

Once you have completed the sign up process, you are ready to start using ALL the KeepShift functionality, from setting up you company locations, onboarding your employees, creating your teams, assigning tasks and jobs and setting up your roster and diary events and so much more.

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