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Navigating the Diary / Calendar

The Diary / Calendar Functions

Navigating the KeepShift Diary / Calendar is simple and there are a number of options to become familiar with.

The top bar contains the ability to:

  1. Create a new Entry
  2. View your own diary or everyone’s diary / calendar entries
  3. Filter by Employee
  4. Filter by type of Diary / calendar entry

Filter by Employee

Click the filter by Employee

Choose the Employee you wish to filter by and press apply filter

Filter by Type

Pressing the filter by type of appointment will allow you to view only selected type of appointments.

Here you can filter by:

  1. All
  2. Appointment
  3. Leave
  4. Meeting
  5. Phone call
  6. Public holiday
  7. Job Sheet

“Follow up” Diary / calendar Entries are color coded by type of entry for an easy snapshot view

Working Hours

The next bar contains working hours which you can change to view diary events between a particular time frame

When in your personal view diary / calendar events can be viewed in day, weekly or monthly time frames

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