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Creating a Roster / Schedule

  • Navigate to the sidebar on your Menus and down to Roster / Schedule
  • Once you have clicked Roster / Schedule on the menu your teams will appear
  • Rosters / Schedules can be displayed in Day, Week or Month
  • You can filter the roster by Employee, Team or Job Role
  • To Add an employee to the Roster / Schedule press the + button and enter the times required
  • The roster will also show a budget estimate of Labour costs for the particular shift and the week.
  • NOTE: Remember the award interpretation pay rates needs to be completed under the My People Tab first for the estimated labour costs to appear
  • Once you have created your Roster / Schedule the day will appear in grey
  • Once you are ready to save the roster / schedule as a draft press the Save as Draft Button and it will turn your Roster /Schedule tiles the orange color
  • Once you are ready to Publish, click Publish Roster / Schedule button
  • This will turn your roster / schedule tiles the green color
  • Once green it will send out a notification and email notification to the employees on the roster / schedule with their upcoming work times
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