It’s 2022, and if your company is still doing time-consuming paperwork that gets mixed up or lost easily, then you have just killed your own productivity!

Just like how all the other businesses and marketing shifted digitally to boost ROI and scale their business, you’ll also need to automate those repetitive and recurring tasks that steal so much of your employees’ time.

Productivity in HR management systems or payroll is one of those tasks that need a lift. Although they may seem easier to do, allocating your time better will yield more positive results.

In fact, automation may increase annual global productivity growth by 0.8-1.4%, according to McKinsey. Moreover, 24% of companies would automate jobs to reduce operating costs, while 40% of productivity is lost due to task switching, which can be reduced by automating most procedures.

However, how do you automate repetitive tasks exactly?

Well, KeepShift is a good starting point to scale your business further by automating HR work efficiently.


What is HR management system software?

Companies in Australia are quickly shifting their human resources management to adapt to the ever-competitive race in the digital world of business.

After all, it’s all about adaptivity that sets your company apart from your competitors. Big companies and forward-thinking leaders were the first ones to incorporate SaaS into their work process.

In addition to the fact that we’re still in a pandemic, there have been changes to work structures where things at the company can get really complicated.

Hybrid and remote work, just to name a few, are among those changes.

Not to mention, another yet cost-effective way of doing business in this digital age is automating the onboarding process for talent.

Now, how does the company’s HR handle this?

Keeping everything organized in one place would be an excellent solution. However, with so much HR management software around, it’s a lot more difficult to choose.

KeepShift’s employee and HR management software is only among the company’s business solutions rolled into one.

The software will help you save time and focus on far more valuable tasks at hand. Productivity-wise, that’s what HR management software is all about.


Reasons to automate your HR management system

There are lots of reasons why your company should start using an automation system. One obvious reason is time-saving. It makes work quicker and leaves you with lots of time to do other important tasks.

Let’s take a deeper look at the reasons why your company should start using a dedicated HR management system.


Simplification of tasks

It’s no secret that using a management organization and productivity software will simplify tasks.

KeepShift is easy to use, and sometimes all it takes is one swipe, click, or drag and drop.

For instance, if you wanted to see your employee’s profile, his assigned tasks, and what he did for the day through his work diary—there’s no need to set up meetings anymore and ask about each other’s availability schedule as you can easily obtain that information at the tip of your screen tablet.



Transparency is even important to keep you updated with everything around the office. Moreover, if there are attached documents that you need to sign, there’s no need for pens and paper anymore.

KeepShift lets you use e-signatures all over the platform, so you can bring your tablet, mobile device or laptop and work from anywhere, at any time.

If your company is operating remotely or in a hybrid, having a one-stop place for everything that offers real-time data and inputs is essential to help a business accelerate its success.


Time saving

Building and maintaining a business in this fast-paced world requires you to make better use of your time. Getting busy doesn’t equate to being productive if it yields nothing to contribute to business growth.

Use management system software instead of trying to fill your employees’ time every day with boring tasks they have to do over and over again.

This way, they can shift their focus to the core tasks at hand and finish their work by the end of the day, making more time for their family.



Get everything organized and look for anything on one platform. Don’t let your company lose data yet again.

Easy accessibility on a platform like KeepShift to easily manage, work schedules, safety and project status are essential for making immediate business management decisions.


Scaling your business further

Making huge business decisions is not as terrifying now as you have all the needed data available at the click of a button.

While your competitors are still debating whether to go with the project or not, you and your team have already started.

There’s no need to complicate everything with a pile of documents and folders. Sit back and watch everything move online.

The Australian government is also giving a boost to SMEs in technology investment to better and digitalise business processes through the bonus tax deduction. This will motivate companies to spend money on new computers, enhance their cyber security, create a new website, or use new software services.

Tips for using KeepShift as HR and payroll management software

Using KeepShift is a good starting point not just to manage your HR and payroll but also other key people management  requirements  such as roster and scheduling; training management; safety,reports and management; and, of course, a docu box that’s a 100% digital filing cabinet.

Here are some tips on using KeepShift to better organize and simplify everything at your company with the management of HR and payroll.

#1 Businesses thrive more digitally

It is no secret that businesses thrive more digitally. In fact, businesses of all sizes, especially SMEs, are now investing in IT and innovation to boost their efficiency.

It is said that by 2023, “digitally transformed” businesses will account for 52% of the global GDP, with 51% of IT budgets being invested in digital innovation and transformation in 2024.

Moreover, nearly 70% of executives are focusing on digital transformation to gain a competitive edge or keep up with their competitors, while only 10% of executives rank cost savings as one of their top goals in digital initiatives.

In any case, digital transformation and innovation will be a big part of businesses all over the world. Various productivity tools are already being used to help business leaders and employees in different industries.


#2 Everything’s changing

Doing business in the 21st century is far different from decades ago. Technology innovations were even more intensified when the pandemic hit, leading to new work setups. Working from home or anywhere is made possible using management software.

Businesses that haven’t adapted to these changes will lose customers or even cease to operate. Inflexibility to new ideas is a ticking bomb for business failure.


#3 Your competitors will always be ahead of you

If you think you’re working hard to get your business out there, your competitors are also working harder.

Remember the case of Nokia? They didn’t do anything, and they used to always be a step closer to the finish line, yet they’ve gone the opposite way.


#4 Recurring tasks are expensive

Instead of training new employees and addressing concerns, your HR is stuck with encoding data to update current management systems.

Repetitive tasks are expensive because they’re time-consuming and they cost your business thousands or millions of dollars.


#5 Tech investing yields better results

Hire the best employees and develop accurate capacity planning with new HR management software. Also, keep track of payrolls whenever you want. It’s easy to audit and obtain real-time invoices.

Shifting to a better management system using better management tools is always worth the investment in the long run.


Fast-track everything with one-stop solution management software

Save your company from the burden of recurring tasks and start doing it the smart way. Management software is a tool to improve business, not another expense.

With KeepShift, you’ll have better resource management with real-time data that will aid your business planning and decisions.

KeepShift also offers a variety of business management processes apart from HR and payroll needed to make your business a success.

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