These days, scheduling jobs and appointments is only made simpler thanks to the availability of various software such as KeepShift.

Having a dedicated and reliable job scheduling software like KeepShift will keep you on top of everything. However, the question remains as to which scheduling platform to use that’s perfect for your business.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the best features for an appointment and scheduling platform to use.

Top 8 best scheduling software features for 2022

If you haven’t got the best scheduling software yet, whether for rostering, appointments, meetings, or assigning jobs, then here’s your cue to get one for a better work process.


1.    Client Scheduling

Are you looking forward to closing that next project with a client? Never miss an opportunity for an appointment or discovery call again with the help of a simple client scheduling tool.

Simply pick a date and time and add inputs such as the client’s name, address, and the agenda.


2.    Rostering

If you’re managing a staff of dedicated employees on a shifting schedule, having a rostering feature on your job scheduling software is a must-have. Simply drag and drop the schedule anytime.

To help you ease the process of rostering, there should also be a filtering feature to search for employee names, job titles, and other relevant information.

The Rostering feature allows you to budget the time that your employees have to work for on a given day. This is especially important if you’re handling 30 or more employees with different shift times or different work schedules.


3.    Clock and off functionality

Clock and off functionality works best when combined with rostering. With it, you can view how many hours your employees have worked for the day, yesterday, or even the other day. It will automatically save the time worked with cloud storage, so you can time audit at anytime and anywhere.

If you’re working with a mobile workforce or sub contractors and you prefer to pay hourly, simply have them log in through the platform and have them turn on the time whenever they work and turn it off if otherwise.

For best use, there should be a clock in, a start break, an end break, and a clock out for cutting-edge organization.

Of course, the clock and off functionality should also be accompanied by a memo and a few notes. Make time auditing simple with easy-to-access clock functionality that prioritises transparency.

4.    Organized timesheets

Make invoicing quick and easy with the timesheet feature. Ditch the extra hours spent working on spreadsheets and eliminate the chance of errors.

With the on and off-clock functionality and an organized timesheet, you’ll have a detailed view of the worked hours, overtime, and travel time.

Your employee will also have the option to manually add hours with the billings and memos.


5.    Employee availability

Ditch writing lengthy emails asking your employee whether they’re available for a quick chat as the employee availability feature can give you that information at a quick glance.

The best thing about this is that your employee can nominate a time, whether they’re available or not, and it can be shown in their profile.

If you’re working on a quick project and you want assistance, simply check your employee’s availability schedule and have them work with you.

6.    Award interpretation

Setting up pay rate templates to interpret your pay award will give you an actual labor cost for each person and shift. The award interpretation feature in your job scheduling software will be able to show you just that.


7.    Automatic notifications and reminders

Job and appointment scheduling software are of no use if there are no automatic notifications and reminders.

That said, invest in the best scheduling platform that is flexible and easy to access, not just on computers but also on tablets, iPads, and mobile phones.


8.    Task board

The best scheduling software should also have a task board that works like a kanban, making it easy and quick to give tasks to employees.

Easily categorize tasks as To Do, Doing, or Completed together with their due date.

Your employees can also attach photos, links, and files as proof of completion. They can also leave comments for clarification on the project, to which you can respond in real time.


KeepShift is a one-stop solution for all your work and employee management needs. From employee and human resource management, safety and compliance, training and skills, workday management, client and contract management, documents, admin and reporting, security, and, of course, rostering and scheduling are all covered.

So, if you and your team are looking to invest in premium work management software that takes rostering and scheduling features to the next level, KeepShift is a good place to start.

Never compromise your team’s productivity again with costly software that doesn’t even give you the quality you need.

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