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Our pricing plans give you full access to the entire KeepShift solution, so you can utilise all the features at anytime. Flexible subscription plans, billed monthly for easy-to-manage payments.

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Take a look below at all the included functions and features in our pricing package, with your choice of optional documentation package pre-loaded into your KeepShift solution.

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Take a look below at all the included functions and features in our pricing package, with your choice of optional documentation package pre-loaded into your KeepShift solution.

Employees & HR

Employee Records

Enter, track, and manage all of your Employee HR data in one secure system, accessible from anywhere and on any mobile device. These Keepshift features will help you regarding Employee records.
Manage your employees important details, as well as assigning specific roles for your different business locations. Keeps your finger on the pulse of your employees

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Easily create and electronically onboard a new employee, assigning them to a role, a location, setting up their permissions and a pay template all in one step.
Helps you push out all paperwork and lets you gather electronic signatures with customisable onboarding documentation packages including contracts, safety documents, policies, procedures, training requirements and more. Makes sure your new employees onboarding process is organized, efficient and engaging

Expense Claims

The KeepShift's expense reimbursement function allows users to quickly enter and track their expense claims from any device.
Users can simply attach their documents or photos to their claim. Administrators are immediately notified and can quickly approve adding to the employee satisfaction.

Notifications & Alerts

Communicate important messages and notifications across all devices, to any number of people. Ensure employees have read and signed important company information.
The push notification system keeps your finger on the business pulse and alerts you on critical business data and safety compliance. Notifications are sent via mobile app as well as email.
Frequency of notifications can be controlled by the administrator to ensure time critical responses are completed.

Mobile Friendly

KeepShift is mobile enhanced for ease of use with our Progressive Web App (PWA) whilst your team is out and about.
New employees can quickly and easily install KeepShift on their mobile device, complete their onboarding process and be up and running in no time.
Employees on the move can very easily access and manage their daily activities, review their roster, tasks, jobs and electronically sign off on any assigned documents.
You can use your mobile device as your office on the go, with access to all KeepShift functionality.

Safety & Compliance

Safe Work Method Statements

Easily create and manage your own customised SWMS with all the required workplace health and safety details and electronically push them out to your staff for signing.
Simply attach these to your daily pre-start job sheet for complete job auditing.
KeepShift meets all the necessary requirements for tracking your high risk activities within the trade sector with its easy distribution for construction work activities.

Risk Assessments

It's necessary as part of your workplace compliance to meet WHS standards and have risk assessments in place.
The main purpose of risk assessments are to identify health and safety hazards and evaluate the risks presented within the workplace and to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of existing control measures.
KeepShift gives you the ability to create your own customised risk assessment simply and easily and then handles the compliance process easily by engaging all staff for acknowledgement using electronic signing, all tracked and controlled on your system, giving you the assurance your staff know how to stay safe.

Standard Operation Procedures

Easily create and maintain Standard Operation Procedure documents (SOP) for any operational task and push it out to all relevant employees for acknowledgement.
KeepShift enables you to create your own set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out routine operations.
KeepShift's unique document editor allows you to create SOPs with images and diagrams creating the complete picture for your employees

Incident Reports

Quickly capture any incident or identified hazard and easily assign each incident or hazard for action and approved sign off from the job supervisor.
Attach photos directly from your phone for added security and proof.
Remember....."The longer you go without an incident, the closer you are to an incident"
KeepShift allows you to manage your incidents effectively so the reports can be used in the investigation and analysis of an event.

Corrective Action Register

The Corrective Action Register maintains and manages the document that is to be completed when an action has been created to minimise or avoid a risk.
It is used to record the problem, root cause analysis, and corrective actions taken for the problem.
This process is easily editable and monitored within KeepShift, giving you a risk score based on the likelihood and consequence using KeepShift's built in algorythm

Risk Register

The risk registers key function is to provide management, the board, and key stakeholders with significant information on the main risks faced by the organisation.
The risk register also gives a clear view of the current status of each risk, at any point in time.
The KeepShift's risk register enables you to create any number of records, grouping them by type, selecting a consequence and likelihood
The unique KeepShift inbuilt algorithm will calculate the "risk score" which you can then use in your SMWS and Risk Assessments for further control

100% Paperless

The benefits of going paperless are substantial, and it’s easier than ever to remove the paper from your workflows and processes. Paperless... Saves Time, Saves Space, Saves Money, Eases Transfer of Information, Promotes the Environment, Boosts Security.



Build and share your schedules in minutes. Easily duplicate your weekly or monthly schedule from one period to the next, saving you time.
View your staff daily, weekly or monthly shifts at a glance. Drag and drop shifts from one day to the next and use the built in filters to manage your staffing requirements.
KeepShift enables you to budget your staff costs for the day, week or month with the unique KeepShift award interpretation.
Simple "Clock in/Clock out" capability direct from any device, keeps track of staff movements in real time by directly syncing to the timesheet functionality.

Clock in / Clock Out

Simple "Clock in/Clock out" capability direct from your mobile dashboard or any device, keeps track of staff movements in real time. Employees can enter any number of breaks during their shifts which then all syncs back to the timesheet functionality to allow managers and administrators to review hours before finalising timesheets

Employee Availability

Employees can nominate days and times that they are unavailable to work from simple to use function within their 'profile' function.

Employees can set repeating unavailability days or times to make it easier for administrators and managers to keep track of available staff.

KeepShift takes the stress out of rosters and scheduling your staff

Award Interpretation

Easily create and assign pay templates to employees to help build a fully costed roster. Eliminate the guess work in calculating your daily, weekly or monthly labour costs

Built to complete Award Interpretation flexibility, KeepShift's pay templates enable you to set up any number of unique pay scenarios that can be assigned to an employee or an assigned role.

The KeepShift calculator will estimate your wage costs to the cent and give you peace of mind when creating your rosters.


Employees can clock in and out with ease via their mobile, removing the need for paperwork, excel sheets and eliminating chance of errors.
Get a detailed account of timesheet hours from employees including worked hours, overtime, and travel time for each working day.
KeepShift gives you a snapshot of Rostered Hours vs Clocked Hours, with costings.
Users also have the flexibility of manually entering timesheets as required.
The timesheet data is always readily available from your KeepShift dashboard and gives you vital data on your employees and operations

Task Board

Take advantages of using the KeepShift's online Task Board. Accessible from anywhere and at any time, the 'whiteboard' note style form makes it easy to manage your team's tasks in one place as they move from the To Do list, Doing and Completed lists.
Employees are notified of their assigned tasks and reminded if and when their tasks are due.
Easily attach photos from your mobile device as proof of completion
KeepShift even allows you to set up a task list so that regular tasks can be assigned again.

GPS Location Mapping

Manage your remote workforce better with real-time GPS tracking. The Clock In / Clock Out and Timesheet functionality captures your employee’s GPS location at the start and finish times.

Training & Skills

Skill Builder

Easily create a database of the specific skills set or training certificates required for your business. Assign and track mandatory and optional training to ensure compliance and the development of your team of employees.
No longer do you need multiple excel spreadsheets to mange this process. KeepShift ensures that all your employees training and skills requirements are always kept up to date by it's inbuilt notifications functionality
Your employees can easily review and update their training and skills requirements from their profile

Training Matrix

The training and skills matrix gives you a complete snapshot of the compliance and development requirements of your employees.
By creating the necessary skill sets required for your business, you can plan a training schedule which ensures you have the correct people to do the job.
KeepShift helps you better manage your people and save training costs.

Certificate Expiry Alerts

Easily keep on top of your workforces training needs with automatic notifications to employees when a training certificate is about to expire.
Employees can view their current submitted and required certificates from their profile and easily update their latest documentation directly from their PC or mobile device. All this and more to save you time, effort and frustration in getting all documents up to date.

KeepShift gives you peace of mind knowing that your workforce is compliant

Work Day Management

Job Box

Keep track of all your work day activities with the KeepShift Job Box.
Manage your Jobs, create and assign your site specific Pre-Start / Job Sheets, linking to your safety compliance documentation.
All readily available from KeepShift's easy to use dashboard on your PC or mobile app from the office, home or on the go

Site Register

Set up your contacts and clients and set up any number of sites with multiple jobs. Ideal for the user that deals with multiple jobs at the same site address for the same client.
Once the Job has been assigned, your employees can easily link to google maps in order to find where they need to go.

Job Sheets/ToolBox Talks

Have each day start on the right foot.Job Sheets (Tool Box Talks) are a great way to reinforce safety basics, focus on high-risk scenarios and to inform employees about the specific job site and working conditions.
All this and more is captured within the KeepShift Work Day process, then easily shared with all employees to be signed off in preparation for the work day ahead.
Giving you total peace of mind that you have met your safety compliance requirements


The KeepShift Work Day calendar provides secure, mobile access to all your events, tasks and appointments on-the-go. As an employee, our simple interface allows you to view your daily or weekly schedule add notes and even re-assign to other team members, whilst the administrator can view the entire teams calendar all from one place.
The KeepShift makes assigning events to your teams or employees simple with the ability to add follow-up events, and upload photos or documents for a complete picture.
The calendar even ensures that Pre-start/Job Sheets also appear in the users events. One click, on the 'my events' tile on your dashboard and you are away

Client & Contact Management

Client/Contact Interactions

KeepShift's simple yet intuitive inbuilt CRM capability helps you to manage every contact/customer interaction easily. Maintain a record of all clients your jobs and daily job tasks with seamless interaction to the Job diary.
Easily review and manage past and upcoming events, as well as keeping notes, or more detailed case notes, with added 'privacy' options

Event Tracking

Track, manage, and connect your contacts, employees and jobs across any team with KeepShift. The diary and contact interactions help you to organise and keep track of your work day.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly View

The KeepShift Work Day diary provides secure, mobile access to all your events, tasks and appointments on-the-go. The simple interface allows you to view your daily, weekly or monthly schedule quickly and easily, with the ability to add notes and even re-assign to other team members, directly from the diary
The KeepShift diary makes assigning events to your teams or employees simple and effective as you have the entire picture on you PC or mobile device.

Document Management

Docu Box

KeepShift makes the document management process easy.
Create, edit and categorise any of your documents in the system
Simply and easily manage the distribution to your employees or teams for sign off.
The Docu Box makes it easy to keep track of who has signed and acknowledged their HR and compliance documentation as well as providing you with a 100% paperless 'filing cabinet' so you never need to go looking for your documents again.

Document Library

Choose and utilise KeepShift's prebuilt HR and Safety documents or easily customise and create your own for distribution to your workforce.
KeepShift makes the onboarding, HR process simple and completely customisable using your own legal and compliant documents. You choose which documents you want to distribute to your employees in the onboarding process, or at anytime.
Keep track of signatures with the ability to manage the frequency of overdue notifications to employees.


KeepShift's unique inbuilt electronic signature solution allows you to set up all your document workflows to create a simplified and paperless signing process.
By digitising the signing process, KeepShift allows you to collect signatures and approvals on multiple documents with a complete audit trails of signatures for added piece of mind and security.
Easily create and electronically onboard a new employee. Push out all paperwork for signatures including contracts, safety, policies, procedures, training and more.

Sign from your PC, or mobile device with signature security built in.

Signature Notifications

Keep up to date on your employees and ensure that they have signed off on all the documentation required.
Receive real time notification when documents are signed, and timely repeat notifications of when documents are not yet signed.
Control the push notifications to ensure time critical documents are signed to ensure you and your employees stay safe and compliant

Document Builder

KeepShift has an inbuilt easy to use, document editor than enables to insert pictures, merge fields, check boxes and input fields and format text into all the Docu Box and Safety Registry templates.
Set up your documents to your style and requirements. You can even copy and paste from your existing word documents directly into the KeepShift document editor.
You can embed your own images, hyperlinks and even signatures. Use the input field and checkbox options to build questionnaires and input forms.

Unlimited documents, unlimited possibilities


Create your own custom registers in KeepShift. No longer do you need to maintain excel spreadsheets of all your essential registers, you can create any additional registers that are not already included in KeepShift Safety register.
Create any number of user definable registers such as an Asset Register, Equipment Register, Chemical Register and much more.
You define the data you want to hold in each register, as well as being able to attach documents and images with each entry in the register.
The 100% paperless solution

Admin & Reporting


The KeepShift dashboard gives every user a snapshot of their key data. With a single click from the dashboard, the user can access more detail on their activities such as clock in/out, view roster, view and sign off their Job sheets as well as view their upcoming events.
All this is readily available from the office or mobile device in real time.


KeepShift's inbuilt reports give you access to your real-time data that you need, exactly when you need it. With KeepShift’s intuitive and flexible reports, you’ll be able to access the metrics that matter to your business, giving you the insight you need in a matter of seconds
Filter and sort your reports so that you can focus on the data that matters most to your business.
All of reports are exportable to CSV or PDF, giving you additional flexibility to view your distribute your data

Signature Audit Trail

KeepShift's Signature Audit Trail report, tracks who and when changes were made to the critical data in the system.
All Docu Box and Safety documents have a complete audit trail providing you with date, time, and the computer IP address of the time and place of each users signature.
KeepShift gives you complete piece of mind and meets your legal obligations when it comes to auditing

Permission Levels

KeepShift's easy to understand and easy to maintain user permissions levels gives you complete control of your systems access.
You can even set up permissions at a group level to make things even easier.

Email and Push Notifications

KeepShift gives you total control of the notifications you and your employees receive from the system for the key activities.
Never miss an important event or task with notifications pushed directly to your mobile device and via email. You control the activity and the frequency of the notifications.

Export to CSV & PDF

All KeepShift reports, Docu Box and Safety documents can easily be downloaded if and when required.
You have the option to output in PDF or CSV (Excel) format in either portrait or landscape orientation with the click of a button.

Service & Security

Passwords and 2-Factor Authentication

KeepShift provides a variety of options to keep your account secure. In addition to passwords, KeepShift provides 2-Factor Authentication capabilities on every user account using industry-standard one-time codes. For top level security, KeepShift allows you to turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for yourself and any other user profiles.
This means that when logging in, you and other users will need to verify the login using 2FA, as well as entering specific username and password

Online Knowledge Base

The KeepShift Knowledge Base gives you comprehensive and simple to follow "how to" documentation and on-line help on all elements of KeepShift.


KeepShift offers a number of support packages from ticket and email support to phone support. You can discuss these options with your KeepShift consultant.

Email and Ticket Support

Email and ticket support is available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (AEST) via the KeepShift website
Get a quick personalised response from one of our locally based KeepShift support team.


KeepShift utilizes Googles cloud based services with one of the biggest providers in the world. They undergo independent verification of their security, privacy, and compliance controls to help meet our regulatory and policy objectives.

Technology and Development

We continue to develop and enhance our solution with additional capabilities based on requirements of our clients.
With that in mind, our desktop and mobile visual interface has been built with a modern, coherent and familiar user interface across all windows based and iOS platforms.
The KeepShift solution is developed to ensure that the user experience is more natural and easy to use based on your current experiences with other common applications.

Technology for you to Work Smarter, not Harder.


Priced for your business

 KeepShift saves you time and money with one simple to use paperless solution

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Pricing plans give you more for your money with unlimited documents, jobs, events and workflow

Connect your team

Streamline your jobs, documentation and schedule into one system. Connect teams, and keep your finger on the pulse

Unlimited Documents

Create as many documents and templates as your require. No limits!

5gb storage

Data storage for all your documents, photos. Once your limit is reached, you will be notified and updated according to your plan

Online Help and Support

24 hour / 7 days a week, online Knowledge Base available, with online chat available during office hours.

Secure Google Services Hosting

Utilising Google's cloud based services for security, privacy, and compliance controls to help meet our regulatory and policy objectives.

IOS and Android Compatible

You can use your mobile device as your office on the go, with access to all KeepShift functionality.

Integrated mobile and email notifications

Automated mobile and email notifications to ensure time critical documents are signed.

Customisable views

Customise your desktop or mobile devise to view your data as you want. Choose from either table or tile view for ease of use and access

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