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Accessing KeepShift on a Mobile Device


Accessing KeepShift

Accessing KeepShift from your mobile device is much like accessing it from a computer.  KeepShift is designed in a way that is completely responsive. This means that the website will respond to smaller devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

  1. Open the browser on your device
  2. Navigate to from your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Edge etc)
  3. Login as usual using your credentials
  4. The first time you do this on a new device, you will be prompted to ‘Install’ the mobile app
  5. Click on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button
  6. Once complete, the KeepShift button will appear on the home screen of your mobile device, You can now use the app button to access Keepshift, without using a browser

Note: If you are not prompted to ‘Add to home screen’ you can click on the link on the dropdown menu of your profile settings

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