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Close Out a Corrective Action

On this screen you will how to close out a Corrective Action
  • Each Action symbol highlighted will perform a separate function
  •   Close a Corrective Action out
  • When you press the Tick symbol a pop up box will appear as below asking if you wish to close out the Action
  • Once you click the Close out Corrective Action it will appear as closed on your register
  • When an Action is still open the Status is marked as yellow and open as illustrated by the Red Arrow
  • When an Action is closed out  the Status is marked as green and closed as illustrated by the Green Arrow
  • Once you have closed out a Corrective Action you can Archive the Action by pressing the symbol and the next pop up box will appear
  • Once Archived you can always retrieve this action by using the Filter by Type drop down box to bring up all Archived Actions.
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