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Using the Document Merge Fields

Understanding ‘Merge Fields’

The KeepShift merge field functionality lets you create documents that are automatically personalised for each recipient. This will allow you to send the same document such as a “policy” to multiple people and the KeepShift system will automatically change the name for each recipient based on the merge fields you have inserted. For example, when sending out your onboarding documentation such as a Employment contract, the system will auto populate merged information from your master document if you have built it within the KeepShift template. This can include names, addresses, signatures etc

By using the KeepShift document template you can issue the one document to many employees but will only need to create it once using the merge fields for customisation to each assigned person.

Creating a Document

As an example if I had a general employment contract that I wanted to use all the time but alter a persons name, address etc I would only have to insert the merge field specifics and KeepShift’s will auto sync the specifics of each employee.

You can create a Document within the KeepShift template in the Document Body. The template allows you to customise the template with merge fields so that it will specifically pull the correct data for each employee

Start by completing each section required

Inserting a Merge Field(s)

Once you create your Document you can use merge fields to customise any of the relevant information within the Document for employees

Once you have created your Document remember to save the document

You will then be able to assign the document to roles, groups or specific employees

Merge Fields Available

A full list of Main Merge Fields is available here:

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