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Using the Element Fields

This DocuBox form editor has the capability of adding input fields to your documents. This enables you to create any number of questionnaires and checklists such as performance reviews, health and safety questionnaires or Tax details requirements documents. These documents can then be assigned to each employee, so that they can then enter content into the fields which is then saved backed to their document set in their user profile.

Inserting a Form Element into your document

Once in DocuBox editor you can set up the document body with all the required details.  To insert an editable field, click the Insert Form Element option and select text field or checkbox from the options available.

Form Element Samples

Using the sample creation of a “performance review” document below as an example, you can see where a ‘text input field has been used, as well as the “checkbox” field

You can position the Text Input and checkbox fields anywhere in the document, and set up as many fields as you require

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