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Contact Events

To view contacts events click the events tab on the contacts form.

You can create and view any events for a contact such as meetings or follow up tasks

To add a new event click add event as illustrated by the red arrow in upcoming events

The next window will appear for you to input the appropriate information

Once you have created this event it will then appear under the upcoming events. Note The event will also appear in your Diary / Calendar

Any event information can be viewed or edited by clicking any of the symbols as illustrated by the red arrow

You can view the symbol information by hovering and clicking a symbol

  This will display and you can enter any notes for the event

 Edit the event

 Copy the Event to a different date

 Delete the event

Expand the event gives you a snapshot of the event details

You can view any past events and associated information from the column titled past events located on the right as illustrated by the red arrow

To view any information hover and click the appropriate symbols on the right of the event illustrated by the red arrow

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