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Step by Step setup guide to setting up KeepShift

This guide provides a quick overview of how to configure your KeepShift system in the easiest, and fastest way, allowing you to start onboarding your people and managing their HR and WHS needs as soon as possible.

Following these simple step-by-step instructional videos for setting up KeepShift you will have set up the basic requirements of the system as well as ensuring you have the necessary components in place for smooth transition of onboarding your people on to KeepShift.

You can also refer to the Knowledge base articles for more detailed instructions on ‘how to’ perform various functions within these videos.

Step 1 – Company Location Setup

This video takes you through the process of setting up your Company locations. Locations can be used where your business has one or more specific geographical or operational locations. For example, you may have ‘office’ employees and ‘workshop’ employees. You can then assign your employees and contractors to one or more location to enable you to maintain location specific Rosters / Schedules as well as timesheets.

See also: Company maintenance

Step 2 – Employee and Contractor Role Setup

In this video you will see how to set up Employee / Contractor Roles and then assign these roles to your Employees / Contractors. Roles are important to enable you you ‘group’ your employees for specific tasks. For example, when creating a Roster / schedule, I may want to filter my employees for a selected Role to allow me to ensure I have required people available to fill the schedule.

See also : My Roles

Step 3 – Pay Rate Setup

This video will give you a brief introduction into setting up Pay Rates and assigning them to your people. The KeepShift Pay Rate and template setup allows you to set up different pay rates for different days, based on hours of the day, set up overtime, as well as the ability to assign a cost to these that can then be used on the Roster / Schedule for accurate calculation of daily costs.

See also : Maintaining Pay Templates

Step 4 – Setting up the Training and Skills

The training and Skills functionality of KeepShift is a simple, yet powerful tool used to maintain required skills or training requirements that each of your employees may be required to carry out their role in your business. This video shows you how to create and maintain skills and how they are then used through the onboarding process

See also: Maintaining the Training and Skills Matrix.

Step – 5 Setting up your DocuBox ready for onboarding of employees and contractors

This video gives you a brief intro into the KeepShift Docubox and how your documents are assigned and then used through the onboarding process. The DocuBox functionally in KeepShift is central to ensuring that your employees and your business is HR and workplace compliant as it maintains your documents electronically with a full audit of signatures. The DocuBox is used throughout the onboarding process to make it an easy way for your employees to view and sign their documents

See also: Understanding the Docubox

Once all the necessary setup of your KeepShift master data as described in the steps above are complete, you can commence the onboarding process of your employees and contractors.

See: Adding a New Employee

It is essential that you and your people understand the requirements of this process and why they are required to provide the information.

It is also important to advise your employees that they will receive an email inviting them to onboard to your new KeepShift system as part of their employment agreement with you. You should advise your employees to review the ‘Onboarding process’ guide prior to receiving their onboarding invite.

See: Onboarding Process

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